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Gigi Hadid Set Free by Cayman Island Law

Gigi Hadid has been set free by the Cayman Islands' court after paying a fine.

Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid whose real name is Jelena Noura Hadid, and her friend, Leah Nicole McCarthy, admitted in court to illegally importing marijuana and the instruments to smoke it with. She was suspected to be transporting marijuana in the Cayman Islands.

They both flew on July 10 from the United States into the Cayman Islands on a private jet. The Cayman Islands' Customs & Border Control found a small amount of marijuana and a drug utensil in their luggage during the routine search operation. It is legal to consume marijuana in Cayman Islands for medicinal purposes. However, transporting it from outside is illegal due to which the pair was arrested and tried by the Cayman Island authorities.

After a short stay in the jail, they posted bail and were released. They appeared in court two days later, where they pleaded guilty to the charges.

Normally this offence can carry a three-year prison sentence with hard labor and, for some, seven years and a $20,000 fine, according to Cayman Islands law. However, Hadid had bought the marijuana in New York on prescription and her lawyer was able to convince the court pleasantly. The court released both of them with a clean record, after paying a fine of $1,200 only.

Gigi Hadid

They celebrated their release by posting thirst traps from a hotel pool and beach. She posted her happiness on Instagram where you can see her posing with her friends in swimsuits at some beachside resort and the post captioned as “All’s well that ends well”.

This is not the first time that some celebrity was arrested for transporting marijuana internationally. We have heard of some other stars in a similar situation in the past. Many young activists in the Cayman Islands are collecting signatures to legalize the drug. They want to exempt people carrying very small amount of marijuana from getting arrested. The Cayman Islands government is stern on dealing strictly against marijuana.

Gigi Hadid

Whatever the Cayman Islands has in pockets for the blowers, we are sure that Hadid and her followers are thankful to the Cayman Islands for her clean release!

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