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What controls the universe.

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

- Prashant V. 5th December, 2022.

What is universe: Before we learn on how the universe operates, let us understand the meaning of the universe. Universe means everything that exists. In simple words, it is everything from within us to the outside to the extent of infinity. The human vision and imagination has not reached the end of this universe yet.

Who made the universe: There is no scientific evidence to prove the creation of the universe and till date it remains a mystery to the human brain. Though many religious scriptures claim the universe to be created by the deities mentioned in them, it cannot be considered as an evidence. There can be two possibilities - (a) it was created on it's own (b) Someone or something which is supernatural is behind the formation and operation of the universe.

Who controls the universe: So finally we are finding the answer to the main question. Who is accountable for the happenings in the universe or who controls it? Well, many people came with different scientific theories based on which we will try to get the answer.

Let's start with movement of things. To move anything in the universe, we need force as mentioned by Newton in his laws of motion. Unless any external force is applied to an object it will continue to be stationary or in a state of motion.

Force is generated with the help of energy. Energy is perpetual which means it cannot be destroyed. Thus the universe is controlled by energy. The energy is in different forms such as thermal energy, nuclear energy, wind energy, electrical energy, hydro energy and many other undiscovered forms of energy.

Communication between objects of the universe: Each object in the universe communicates with another object through vibrations. Each object has a vibration of different wavelength and frequency. When the frequency of two objects match, they communicate with each other. There is no strong evidence of life after death. However, numerous scientists believe that life is also a form of energy.

Considering the theories, it can be assumed that the world is controlled by a super energy. Life is a form of energy. After death, the energy leaves the body but is not destroyed. It stays in the universe. Based on this we can infer that the universe is packed with infinite amount of energy called life. This energy has the capacity to move living bodies. If any living body in the universe can evolve with materials which cannot be destroyed, the energy called life will not leave that body and it will become immortal.

What Next

We are going to discuss more on the universal energy in the next topics. We will be using this energy for our benefit, to manifest unimaginable things in our life.

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